Ella in LA

Meet Ella Barnette

Ambition. Artistry. Availability.

Three of the most important aspects to be a stylist. No matter what the scenario, Ella Barnette brings a unparalleled level of ambition, artistry and availability. Her experience with style and fashion has allowed her to create an environment where women feel their best, not just in terms of external beauty, but internal beauty and confidence.

After having graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Ella took her passion and expertise for the fashion industry to styling. She spent eleven years working in retail, before, during and after college. After graduating, she worked as a retail manager, and from there, was promoted to a senior buyer in New York City.

To Ella, the most important aspect of her work is how versatile she gets to be. Because she works for herself, she’s not focused on meeting a specific number of clients in a month, or reaching a sales quota. To Ella, the most important aspect of her work is you.

A personal stylist for the hardworking individual, Ella Barnette looks to make a difference within her clients. She sees her client from every perspective and immerses herself completely in her work and the people around her. With Ella, there’s no reason to be anything but open and intimate, because it’s not about a store or a buyer or a consumer. It’s about people everywhere who want to build their confidence and voice through style.